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Windsurfing and kiteboarding school "Five Squares" is the largest and most popular school in Dahab (Egypt) with a 15-year history and a huge number of fans and regular customers. We were among the first to open the windsurfing in Dahab to the Russians, and over 30 thousand people were put on the boards for the whole time!

Smooth water, waves, wind along the coast, sandy beaches - all this makes the Lagoon unique and attractive for both beginners and professionals. "Five squares" has two stations, which are located next to the hotels Ganet Sinai and Iberotel. In the "Five Squares" there is a professional team of instructors, many of whom are professional athletes and participate in international competitions.

Equipment stations are regularly updated. At the box office there are always the last sails, kites and boards of the next year, which you can try right now! At both stations there are: equipped chill-outs for rest and seminars, monitors broadcasting the weather forecast, windsurfing and kite-simulators, locker rooms and boxes for storing personal belongings, showers with hot and cold water.

"Five squares" offers a variety of training options: from courses for beginners to windsurfing and kite clinics. We annually organize professional windsurfing competitions - Dahab Slalom Week. 

Guests of the "Five Squares" can also dive, ride a sailing catamaran, do snorkeling or climbing. Guests of the station are shown on the big screen, arrange guitar nights, photo contests, concerts of local and invited musicians, discos with DJs, light music, smoke and fire shows. For those who want to learn how to dance, master classes on salsa and other Latin American dances are held. Every evening there is yoga on the territory of the station. 

Dahab is one of the most iconic places in the world among windsurfers and kitesurfers. Year-round season, constant powerful winds, the availability of skiing areas for every taste and level, fabulous reefs and warm clear water, developed modern tourist infrastructure attracts tens of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world every year. Here is the largest gathering in the world of windsurfing and diving stations. In 2003, the station "Five Squares" opened in Dahab and today we are the largest and most famous Russian station in this place. 


Egypt, South Sinai, Dahab, hotel "Ganet Sinai"


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